The Delaware Highlands Conservancy is a volunteer-governed and supported organization. Volunteers are vital to the running of our organization and to the overall success of our mission to protect the lands, waters, and quality of life in the Upper Delaware River region.

“There are no negatives. You’re outside hiking, exploring new places, learning local history, meeting other community members you wouldn’t normally meet, volunteering for a good cause, learning about plants and trees from your staff partner. It’s all good!”

– Dawn Williams, Monitoring Volunteer


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Your volunteer time with the Conservancy supports the community that is home to you and the people you love.  Serving as a volunteer for the Conservancy gives you a unique opportunity to contribute directly to assuring our region’s clean waters, natural areas, and sustainable local economies are vibrant and healthy now and for future generations. 


“As a monitoring volunteer, I enjoyed the opportunity to walk through incredibly beautiful lands. Some monitoring visits involve meeting land owners; people that put land in a Conservancy easement really care about their land and its future.”

– Joe Shatt, Monitoring Volunteer


Volunteering at the Conservancy means you play a real and important role in conserving the waters, farms, forests, and local economies of our regional community.


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And, you will meet wonderful people. Volunteering at the Conservancy is productive work, and it’s fun! 


“When I first volunteered at the Conservancy, it was to do office work. What I didn’t know was how varied and interesting the work would be, and how much enjoyment I would have spending time with the people who work there. Working with people who are so dedicated and energetic and truly believe in what they’re doing makes the Conservancy a great place to be.”

– Jan Maressa, Office Volunteer



Potential Volunteer Opportunities:

Land Stewardship Volunteers assist Land Protection staff with easement inquiries including assistance with property visits for field data collection (GPS, photos, property boundary location, existing conditions), baseline documentation, field data collection, and annual ground and aerial monitoring activities.


Office Support Volunteer assists with filing, cataloging, mailings, membership drives, newsletters, data support and business support.


Eagle Conservation Committee Volunteer assists on the Eagle Conservation Committee and/or as a monitor during the winter eagle monitoring season. Winter monitoring runs from December through March each year, weekends only. Volunteers collect data on both wintering eagles and resident pairs, while educating the public in “Eagle Etiquette” and how to have the best eagle watching experience. Other volunteers work from the Upper Delaware Visitor Center in Lackawaxen, PA, educating and directing the public to the eagle-viewing areas. Trained Eagle Watch volunteers are also needed to help staff booths, do workshops, monitor nests, and participate in other eagle-related events.


Educational Outreach Volunteer assists with the overall coordination and promotion of educational programs and may also present to program participants on topics related to the Conservancy’s mission. Other responsibilities include distributing promotional materials, cross checking dates on local calendars of events, promoting events to local organizations, and coordinating program logistics, presenters and/or materials


Public Relations Volunteer assists in creation of newsletters and in grant writing for funding.  Additional responsibilities include interviews for articles, conducting research for grant possibilities, and the creation of promotional materials.

To become a volunteer, fill out the Volunteer Registration Form.

If you would like more information about volunteering for the Conservancy, call Mary Anne at 570-226-3164 ext. 4 / 845-583-1010 ext. 4 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Other Regional Volunteer Opportunities

BKAA Nature Watch

Another opportunity for volunteering in our region is with the Basha Kill Area Association Nature Watch program, where trained volunteers help to educate visitors about bald eagles and ospreys nesting at the Basha Kill wetlands in Wurtsboro, NY, as well as about the many other plant and animal residents there, on weekends from mid-April through June. For more information, visit the Nature Watch website.


NPS Watershed Stewards

If you enjoy being by the river, you might also enjoy being a Watershed Steward with the National Park Service Upper Delaware River. According to the NPS, "Aquatic invasive species are a growing threat in the Delaware River and beyond.Newly trained Watershed Stewards stationed along UPDE will play an important role in stopping the introduction and transport of invasive species by fishing tackle, footwear, and boat trailers.Stewards will conduct visual inspections, interview water body users, and encourage them to properly clean all of their equipment before using it on another body of water. Once invasive species gain hold in a river or lake, they can displace native species and rapidly multiply, making waterways impassible to boats, alter water quality, and negatively affect tourism." Learn more...


Become A Volunteer

To become a volunteer, fill out the Volunteer Registration Form.


If you would like more information

about volunteering for the Conservancy

please contact Mary Anne Carletta.

PA: 570-226-3164 ext. 4

NY: 845-583-1010 ext. 4


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“This was my first summer volunteering for the Conservancy. Not only did I get to meet some wonderful property owners, walk, and view land not open to the general public, but the highlight for me was realizing at some point that I was walking on the original Route 6 before it was re-routed to its present location. Talk about walking through history! Way cool.”

Peggy Emanuel

Monitoring Volunteer

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“I really enjoy meeting with land owners and hearing what inspired them to conserve their properties and working with our volunteers is a true pleasure.”

Jamie Bartholomew

Monitoring Coordinator (former)

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A Special Thanks

Thank you to our many volunteers including David Soete, Scott Rando, and Lou Buscher whose many photographs grace this website.

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